No Key
No Problem

A smart lock to eliminate the hassle of keys and combinations forever.
Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

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Noke is more than just a pretty face – it’s a smart lock. Noke automatically finds and connects to your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone. Instead of fumbling for keys, simply walk up to your Noke, press the shackle, and instantly access your possessions.
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App Features

Manage multiple locks

The Noke App makes it easy to manage multiple locks. Name your locks and create custom settings specific to each Noke.
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iOS, Android and
Windows Phone App included

Share with friends

Easily share and revoke access to your locked items. Specify the day, time, location, and duration of access.
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View history

The history tab lets you monitor where, when, and by whom your locks were accessed.
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Location history

View map of where your Noke has been accessed. Great for tracking items in transit, including your kids.
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Weather Resistant

Noke is built to stand up to the toughest environments and extreme weather conditions so Noke can go where you go.
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With a shackle made of boron-hardened steel, Noke is not only attractive, but also incredibly strong. Noke uses the latest in anti-shim technology so you can safely and securely lock your possessions.
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Long-Lasting Battery

Noke locks are packed with long-lasting batteries giving you over a year’s worth of use before needing to be replaced or recharged.

Over one year for padlock.
Over three years for U-Lock.
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Back Up

In the unlikely event the battery dies while locked, Noke can receive a “jump-start” using an external battery, to give you access to the internal battery or charger.
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Noke’s Quick-Click technology allows you to create a custom access code of short and long taps so you can open it manually if you’re ever without your phone.
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Key Fob

Not a smartphone user? Not a problem. You can purchase the optional Bluetooth key fob, to open your Noke exactly the same way you open your car doors.
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Imagine taking the benefits of a single Noke—ease, convenience, control, security, durability—and scaling that to work for your entire enterprise. It’s a complete game-changer.
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