6 security tips to keep your property safe this summer

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We are big fans of summer and we want to help you enjoy yours with the peace of mind that comes along with being smart, safe, and secure. Not surprisingly, summer months (July and August) top the list every year for most frequent break-ins. More surprisingly though, is that break-ins usually occur in the daytime, when the sun is shining and everyone is out playing.


Take a minute to read our top summer time security tips to keep your valuables safe this season.


1. Lock up. This one seems obvious but you’d be surprised how often people leave their windows, sliding doors, and gates unlocked during the summer months. We know that the most common point of entry for intruders is the front or back door, but these other access points are tempting to burglars when left open.


2. Get rid of your spare key. Chances are your “hidden key” is not so well hidden. Don’t risk the spare key falling into the wrong hands when you can eliminate the need for keys completely. With the smart lock systems available today, you can lock your front door, shed, trailer, and back gate all with locks that unlock using your smartphone. What’s better? You can share virtual keys with family and friends so the key under the flowerpot becomes a thing of the past.


3. Keep an eye on things. The smart lock systems mentioned above let you do more than just open your locks with your phone. They also let you keep an eye on things remotely using compatible apps. If you have a steady flow of construction workers, landscapers, house cleaners, and pool boys accessing your property, consider getting locks that keep a running history of who unlocked them and when.


4. Don’t publicize your vacations. Nothing screams, “rob my house” more than posting geo-tagged vacation photos to your social media accounts. Refrain from mentioning your travels online until after you’ve returned home. Doing otherwise is basically inviting the burglars to come have a party in your empty home.


5. Turn your lights on. Keep your lights, particularly your exterior lights, turned on in the evenings and nights to deter any potential intruders. If you’re going on vacation, be sure to set a timer to turn on your lights automatically while you’re away, or invest in a system that allows you to adjust your lights remotely. It’s crucial to create the illusion that you’re home even if you’re spending a couple weeks traveling across the world.


6. Consider an alarm system. The scary truth is that you are three times more likely to experience a home break-in if you don’t have a security system in place. There’s no question that thieves are deterred by signage or window decals suggesting your home is armed with a security system, so we’d suggest investing in one and then making it clear your home is protected.

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