Large fleet trucking


Medco’s ( activities are in import, export, storage, trading, marketing, transportation and distribution of a full range of petroleum products and one of the largest privately held companies in the downstream business located in Lebanon. In addition, The company actively represents, sells, supports and distributes goods and services from major international manufacturers in the petroleum industry.


The company has a fleet of more than 85 trucks. Medco was experiencing fuel pilferage by drivers while transporting fuel to customers. This resulted in misappropriation of goods.

The Nokē Solution:

Using the Nokē Pro system, Medco can now grant lock access at the loading of product in the tank trucks and the customer’s receiving end. Drivers no longer have access to the locked fuel compartments of their trucks. If for any reason they need permission to access the locks, drivers can be given very customized access that can be tracked and revoked by system administrators.

Medco no longer relies on disposable seals which can be tempered with or stolen. With Nokē, Medco can grant and revoke access to whomever they want, whenever they want. Its trucks and fuel stay secure, its drivers stay honest, and its managers stay in control. Further substantial savings have been realized by the ability to reuse Nokē locks instead of seals.

On top of customized access, Nokē provides Medco with real-time data so managers can make insightful, cost-effective decisions to improve the bottom line. Nokē’s audit trails and advanced reports allow Medco to manage its team and resources in a way that is safe, smart, and convenient.

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