Cell Towers


American Tower is one of the world’s largest providers of wireless communications infrastructure with almost 150,000 tower sites in over 15 countries.


Cell tower infrastructure companies work to maintain hundreds or thousands of tower sites around the world to provide continuous cell coverage and reliability. They often have many different operators visiting the sites, and are unable to have visibility into who is accessing their sites and when. In addition, they must manage thousands of keys for thousands of users to regularly access these sites.

The Nokē Solution:

American Tower utilizes Nokē’s API to integrate with their internal system and provide them with valuable tower insight. They are now in 5 countries of their Latin American division and in the process of deploying Nokē throughout that division of about 20,000 tower sites. They now have full visibility over these sites through a digital audit trail, assuring the correct person is accessing these sites at the correct time.

American Tower sites using Nokē no longer have to rely on keys or combinations which are easily lost, stolen, copied, and shared. With Nokē, American Tower can remotely grant and revoke access to employees and 3rd party operators as they come and go without the use of keys.

Through the Nokē Pro system, American Tower now has insights into their tower sites providing them with a greater level of security and control, leading to decreased costs and improved service.

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