Delivery Service


Enjoy is an innovative company with a large team of technology experts who hand-deliver and set up devices for consumers across the country.


Enjoy stores large amounts of expensive devices in cities all over the United States. Each warehouse was being accessed by dozens of individuals, and Enjoy had no way to manage and track which employee accessed which warehouse and when. Enjoy also lacked a convenient way to issue and revoke employee access when necessary, and was tired of having to rely on insecure keys and combinations to protect expensive inventory.

The Nokē Solution:

Enjoy now secures its warehouses with Nokē, and uses the Nokē Pro system to grant customized access to its employees and view audit trails to make sure everything is running smoothly.

With Nokē, Enjoy doesn’t have to stress about stolen goods, copied keys, and unauthorized access. Managers now view real-time reports on all warehouses so nothing goes on without their knowledge.

If an employee is terminated or leaves the company, Enjoy can instantly revoke his or her access without having to track down a physical key or deal with the expensive, time-consuming hassle of re-keying locks. Nokē Pro is streamlining Enjoy’s process to make its security as advanced as the company itself.

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