Nokē Pro for Business

By moving your keys to the cloud, you can now easily manage your locks and users from any computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world.

For business users, we have two solutions. First, we offer a Nokē Pro web portal which allows you to administer a large number of locks and users. Second, we offer an SDK that allows you to incorporate Nokē unlocking, sharing, tracking, etc, into your own app.

Nokē Pro Web Portal

Nokē Pro for Business comes with a web portal that allows you to conveniently manage a large number of locks and users. Through the web portal you can easily grant access, modify access schedules, and revoke access for a group of users. You can also track usage and view more advanced reporting.

Nokē SDK

We also have an SDK for iOS, Android, and Windows. With the SDK, you can integrate Nokē unlocking, sharing, tracking, etc. into your own mobile app. Our SDK is popular among bike share programs around the world.


Nokē is currently employed in a wide variety of industries including postal, trucking, shipping, storage, landscaping, pharmaceutical, education, construction, waste management, oil and gas, chemical, bio labs and more.

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