Security made smarter


The days of key cards, ID badges, and physical keys are long gone with the advanced Nokē Pro system, which secures your office space and assets from one, easy-to-manage web portal.

With Nokē, you can customize access permissions for individuals and groups to fit your company’s needs.

Your employees can conveniently open doors using their smartphone and you can track who accessed which door and when, with our automatic audit trails.

When you hire or terminate an employee, issuing and revoking access is done with the quick click of a button. No more re-keying locks, copying keys, or printing access cards again.

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The Nokē Pro system offers cloud-based security and allows users to access doors and locks with their phone or fob, eliminating the pain points of granting and revoking physical keys and ID badges.

Our web portal can be used by multiple admins with specific levels of permission and gives upper level staff members the ability to customize access schedules and view audit trails and advanced reports.

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We understand how important it is to protect your guests and their assets, all while making a stay convenient and enjoyable.

Key cards lack security and are a pain for your guests to manage. Cards are easy to lose, often don’t work correctly, and are expensive for you to print and replace. Switching to Nokē Pro will give your guests the ability to enter a hotel room, pool, and gym, all with their phone.

Hotel management can also customize and track access for its guests and employees. Admins can easily view audit trails and advanced reports to see which employees went where and when, significantly increasing your hotel’s level of security and efficiency.

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Our Bluetooth locks remove the hassle of keys and combinations by allowing you and your servicemen to unlock them using a phone.

Passing around multiple combinations or carrying rings full of keys that are easy to lose, copy, and break is insecure, inefficient and expensive. With Nokē, workers can unlock hundreds of locks all from their phone.

Instantly give access to your servicemen from anywhere in the world. Then track usage and view audit trails to keep complete control over your cell tower sites.

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You shouldn’t have to rely on security seals, zip ties, cheap locks, and paper logs to secure and monitor your shipments. With Nokē, you can view the progress of your items in transit and send remote access to your locked goods with receivers.

Your shipments stay locked when you want them locked. They unlock when, where, and by whom you want them unlocked. It’s that simple.

You can even view audit trails and generate advanced reports to let your customer know the cargo is in great hands.

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If your warehouse, gym, school, or office has lockers secured with personal combination locks, it’s exposed to a huge security threat.

Securing your lockers with Nokē gives you constant control and accessibility to keep your workplace safe from harmful substances or weapons being stored in employee lockers.

As the admin, control who has access to which lockers and when, view audit trails and customized reports, and immediately issue and revoke access, all from the Nokē Pro web portal.

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The Nokē Pro system is the perfect solution for securing your self-storage facility.

Your tenants will love the ease and convenience of sharing access to their storage unit with friends and family members without having to lend out a physical key or combination.

You will love the ability to manage your tenants and their storage units from one robust web portal, and view reports for deeper customer insight.

Nokē Pro will eliminate your biggest pain points and win over your tenants with its secure hardware and convenient software.

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Save yourself the hassle, time, and money you spend re-keying or cutting off locks, making keys, and tracking down combinations. With Nokē Bluetooth locks, you can manage thousands of locks all from one easy-to-use web portal.

Students and teachers can conveniently unlock their lockers using their phone, and school administrators can stay in control with Nokē Pro real-time data and master-key access.

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Tenant turnover requires constant updating of keys and locks, which is not only a pain but also a huge waste of money. The problem worsens when you factor in maintenance workers, landscapers, and office manager access.

The keys required for everyone to access the pool, gym, mailbox, laundry room, and the residence itself are hard to manage, and the overall security of the facility is compromised.

With the Nokē Pro system, you can grant specific access to individuals or groups who can then access different locations all with their smartphone.

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Your towers and equipment are too valuable to be trusted with traditional locks and keys that are easily lost, stolen, or copied. Your industry requires a security solution that is effective, smart and scalable.

With Nokē, it’s easy to let your trusted technicians in and keep everyone else out. Our software lets you customize access schedules and view advanced reports for optimal work-flow and high-level security.

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