Nokē U-lock

The Smart U-lock

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Nokē was designed to be the simplest electronic device you own. Nokē automatically finds and connects to your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone. You don't even need to remove your phone from your pocket or purse for quick and easy access to your bike.
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Keep Control

Manage multiple locks

The Nokē App makes it easy to manage multiple locks. Name your locks and create custom settings specific to each Noke.
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iOS, Android and
Windows Phone App included

Share with friends

Easily share and revoke access to your locked bike. Specify the day, time, location, and duration of access.
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View history

The history tab lets you monitor where, when, and by whom your locks were accessed.
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Location history

View map of where your Nokē has been acessed. Great for tracking items in transit, including your kids.
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Thoughtfully Designed

The Nokē U-Lock was designed with style in mind. With smooth surfaces and soft edges, it feels great in your hand and looks better on your bike. It’s simple yet deliberate, minimal yet striking. It’s a rare combination of brains and beauty.
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Nokē is thoughtfully designed to withstand the toughest environments and threatening situations. Built with steel alloy housing, the lock is incredibly strong and durable. The Nokē also incorporates the latest in anti-shim technology so you can rest assured that your possessions are safe from thieves.
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In addition to harsh environments, the Nokē U-Lock will also stand up to threatening intruders. When a potential thief shakes your Nokē for more than three seconds or enters an incorrect quick-click code more than four times, a shrieking alarm will sound, sending the intruder running and drawing the attention of anyone within about 50 meters. Yes—it’s that loud.

This alarm offers an extra layer of protection to give you absolute peace of mind about leaving your possessions locked with Nokē, but it is not required. Just like the alarm on your car, you can choose to arm the Nokē when you want it or disarm the alarm if break-ins are less of a concern to you.
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Weather Resistant

Nokē is built for anywhere and everywhere you might want to use a lock. This is why all buttons, sensors, and batteries are stored internally and protected with silicon O-Rings to keep water and mud from penetrating into the electronics compartment and damaging your lock.
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If your phone is ever lost, broken, or dead, the quick-click feature is your reliable backup plan. When you first receive your Nokē, simply set up a unique combination of short and long clicks on the end cap. Then, if it ever becomes necessary to open your lock manually rather than via Bluetooth, you can easily use your custom quick-click code and have instant access to your lock.
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Jump Start

In the unlikely event you let your battery completely die while in the locked position, you can use an external battery to “jump-start” Nokē so you can unlock it as usual and charge dead battery. This feature ensures you will never have to worry about being stranded with a dead battery.

As represented in this image, the jump-start capability simply requires you to press your replacement battery against the contact points located at the base of the lock. This will give Nokē enough power to unlock so you can open Nokē and charge the battery for at least another year’s worth of use.
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Bike Mount

For a simple and attractive method to transport the Nokē U-Lock, a custom designed mount has been included (free of charge) to showcase Nokē’s beautiful design while giving you effortless docking and undocking capabilities.
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Tech Specs

Bluetooth: 4.0


Water Resistant

Alarm: 120db

Rechargeable battery

Battery Life: 5 years standard. 6 months with alarm enabled

Device Compatibility

iOS: iPhone 4s or newer

Android: Devices with BT 4.0 or higher running Android (4.4) or higher

Windows Phone: Devices with BT 4.0 and Windows 10 or higher

Security: PKI technology and cryptographic key exchange protocol

Over one year of battery life

Bluetooth 4.0

Boron hardened steel shackle


Not everyone uses a smartphone or takes their phone with them everywhere they might want to use Nokē. For this reason, an optional Bluetooth key fob is available for purchase as an additional way to open Nokē without a smartphone or quick-click code. The key fob allows you to unlock your Nokē exactly as you open your car doors.
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